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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Research educational practices around the globe

John Macbeath, the guru of leadership for learning presented about the approaches to innovation and improvement in different countries. One of the his polite comment is during this research that is conducted throughout 4 years, there is no finding that have significant relations between performance and pay (yesterday paper presented by KPM about NKRA). And why Findland be the best education in the world because they do not force their young children to go to school like britain.

With Linda Kaser, Hjh Rosnarizah and Datin Suwarni (Pengetua Cemerlang) sharing the idea about practices networking school for learning in Malaysia cases. In Our cases the three of us have implemented the young teacher concept. This young teacher who is excellent in academic will teach low achievement in their peer groups.

During the parallel session with some of the participants. This room 5 papers research have been presented. Besides me is a principal's of Victoria School from Australia. The other next to her is presenter from Europe.
Today one paper really enlighten me was presented by Profesor Karen Seashore it is "strong culture and school improvement". Strong culture is come from the baseline is trust. Strong culture will lead school to high performance achievement. And the role of principal is very important to set the culture in the school setting. Talking about trust, did parent trust you and you trust the parents. Also principals trust their taechers will working toward helping student learning and outcomes. Do the teachers also trust principal and can discuss about teaching methods or any teaching and learning problematic with open heart.
Congrate Prof Datin...the Congress look well organize with the help of IPK student, staff and ICSEI Committee and sure it is prestige too having in KLCC....
300 Participants from KPM and about 40 IAB staff take part. Actually i'm trying to get sponsosered from KPM through IAB. But i'm being told that only Ketua Bahagian and pegawai tertinggi could be sponsored by KPM. Never mind i've paid on my own...and insyaAllah i'll get sabatical leaves as rewards somedays...but unfortunately and very regret that there is Pegawai KPM not attend the congress...why give to the person who not interested to attend...
KPM should give an access for all pegawai include in school to increase professional growth for who is interested attending courses...

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