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Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Colour Of Successfulness

The Royal Speech

The Honoured Royal Giving Of Degree

A very supportive loving hubby

No one such a great great mom like u...

Three of my loving kids...celebrate my graduation dinner with all Mprincs' friends special host by IPKUM

Congratulations to All lectures and Mprinc

After a full year, at last we're all now officially announced as a Graduate of Master of Principalships on 11th August 2009 by our Dean (Director IPKUM) Prof. Dr. Shahril Marzuki and honoured giving by Raja Nazrin. What's a great experience had been shared and passed through with all the members of kohort 9 IPKUM.
Behind my successfulness actually support by a great love of all the family members, especially my loving husband, mom and all my great kids. It's will never have a great success without all of their courage, love and patience.


  1. congratulation and hope your coming days will always shining like the rising stars and the morning sun that shares the energy with other creatures.

  2. Syabas Pn Bicara!Tapi kenapa ya ramai pemegang Mprinc tak hadir masa diner tempohari?

  3. Congratulation Yati. All The Best to U

  4. Kegigihan, ketekunan dan pengorbanan yang terlalu banyak menghasilkan buah yang masak ranum dan berkualiti. Syabas...anda salah seorang yang sangat berusaha, tekun dan amat rajin...m princ adalah hadiah untuk anda d1sertakan dengan bonus lulus dengan cemerlang...


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